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COVID-19 in Belgium

Insights to help members manage and mitigate the risk associated with COVID-19.

Under the European Green Deal, 3 billion additional trees to be planted by 2030


Climate change and environmental degradation are an existential threat to Europe and the world. To overcome these challenges, Europe needs a new growth strategy that transforms the Union into a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy


#GlobalGoalUnite Summit - 27|06|20 at 3pm CET Concert Unite For Our Future at 8pm CET

Global Goal : Unite for Our Future 27/06/20 Summit

Global Goal : Unite for Our Future 27/06/20 Concert

Boost up your capacity during COVID-19 Outbreak
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Online events remain available during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Due to the coronavirus outbreak in our country, the Belgian government does not allow any events until further notice. Edacco is in close consultation with organizers to reschedule the moving events. The online platform events are available for Connect-ED members.  As soon as more information is available, the participants will be notified by email.

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Countries and organisations

As of 4 May, all countries, international organisations or financial institutions will be able to pledge to help reach the funding target of €7.5 billion in initial funding. Make your pledge here.


Private sector companies can also make a pledge by contacting European Commission here.


People can show their support for the call by interacting on-line, spreading awareness about the initiative and encouraging companies to pitch in. They can also contact partner organisations directly or donate to the WHO Covid Response Fund.

Coronavirus Global Response

Countries and organizations around the world are joining forces to ensure that not only do we develop these life-saving tools but that we ensure they are universally available and affordable. No person, country or region should be left behind.



Global Response International Event 04/05/20

The European Union and its partners have been hosting an international pledging conference on Monday 4 May 2020 (15:00 CEST) where €7.4 billion was raised in initial funding to kick-start the global cooperation...

The Coronavirus Global Response has so far raised €9.8 billion. 66% of the total amount – €6.5 billion – was pledged by Team Europe, i.e. EU and Member States, the Commission, members of the EEA and the European Investment Bank.


Edacco Press Room is delivering extra support for Coronavirus Global Response. Any further information or details may be requested to