Future World with Edaxion Platinum Pack 100

Future World with Edaxion Platinum Pack 100

Press Release

Title: Türkiye Secures a Significant Position in the Future World with Edaxion Platinum Pack 100

Release Date: May 2, 2024

Location: Kraainem, Belgium

Bulletin Number: 2024/05

Türkiye Secures Its Position in the Future with the 'Edaxion Platinum Pack 100'

In 2024, the Edaxion Platinum Pack 100 platform hosted its second annual conference on 'Digital Transformation and Sustainability'. This event, announced by EU representatives, took place on May 2nd at the grand hall of Edacco EDC in Kraainem, Belgium. It was conducted both in-person and streamed online simultaneously.

Erhan Yurdayüksel, the Senior Finance Expert of the European Commission and President of the Edacco Finance Board, opened the conference stating:

"As integral components of Edaxion Platinum Pack 100 Platform, we cater to a wide array of institutions—including public agencies, universities, NGOs, private sector firms, municipalities, unions, and cooperatives. Today, we celebrate the second installment of our 'Uniting for Your Future' Conference for the year 2024. This year's conference has surpassed previous gatherings in its vibrancy and unity, showcasing leading experts and entrepreneurs who shared their insights into successful strategies in ecology, development, digital transformation, and sustainability. I am particularly gratified that Türkiye, alongside other EU nations, is a key participant in the world's largest platform for Technology, Trade, and Research collaboration—the 'Edaxion Platinum Pack 100', which now includes 64 countries, aiming to expand to 80.

In today’s rapidly changing landscape, it is critical that institutions globally gain recognition under a unified framework of Ecology and Development. We must adapt our sectoral policies and strategies to keep pace with these evolving business models.

Failure to address climate change and excessive natural resource consumption through our substantial platform could result in not only environmental calamities but also expose countries to significant social and economic risks if they lag in adapting to ecological digital revolutions and sustainable practices."

Edaxion Platinum Pack 100: Pioneering a New Era in Digital Transformation and Sustainability

The Edaxion Platinum Pack 100, one of the globe’s most comprehensive platforms, focused on the future of virtual and hybrid events and sustainable business practices during its recent conference. This event was streamed via the Edaxion Live Platform and convened eminent figures from the digital culture, educational sectors, and academia, alongside European Commission experts and member state representatives. This gathering marked one of the industry’s most extensive forums for dialogue and cooperation.

Mission and Content of Edaxion Platinum Pack 100

As a global frontrunner in digital transformation and sustainability, Edaxion Platinum Pack 100 continuously sets new benchmarks by delivering innovative and expansive solutions to the business community across Europe and worldwide. The platform facilitates environmental footprint reduction and operational efficiency enhancement for businesses through its extensive network of virtual and hybrid events. Additionally, it leads in fostering sustainable business models and environmental stewardship projects. Edaxion Platinum Pack 100 is instrumental in achieving the European Green Deal's objectives, serving as a benchmark for both private and public entities.

Conference Agenda and Key Discussions

The conference explored Edaxion's strategies, progress, and future objectives. Discussions also encompassed the latest updates and initiatives of the Industrial Coalition concerning Virtual Realities, with partnership proposals under the Horizon Europe framework, and updates on Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies. These discussions offered participants a thorough insight into the latest industry trends and technological advancements.

Privacy and Communication Protocols

The conference underscored the necessity for participants to comply with privacy agreements and established communication protocols, which are vital for ensuring data security and maintaining a robust communication environment.

Future Plans and Upcoming Events

The subsequent conference is scheduled for June 20, 2024, at the Edacco EDC Grand Hall in Kraainem, Belgium. It will be accessible both in-person and online, simultaneously. This event will enhance participation in the platform's European activities, fostering increased collaboration and synergy. Edaxion Platinum Pack 100 remains committed to reinforcing its global leadership in digital and sustainable transformation, continually adding value to the European business landscape.

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